Friday, February 24, 2012

When to Indulge

A real man knows when to indulge himself, and when it is wise to restrict his indulgences.

Whether they take the form of food, sports, social activities, reading, or other hobbies and comforts; he knows that there is a time to reduce his reliance on these things for emotional or mental support.

There is nothing wrong with using these indulgences to relax and recover some vitality, but it never does too good to overly indulge too often.  The senses become numb and the appreciation (along with the renewed energy they bring) is diminished.  Not only that, but indulging yourself often comes at the expense of healthy relationships with others.

Consider the practice of regular self-denial as essential to building selflessness and resilience.


  1. I agree! In particular, in the context of a family or relationship I feel strongly that it is the man's responsibility to lead by example (which is an expression of his masculinity. I don't mean to say that women can't also lead their men by example, but men shouldn't have to be lead in this if they take their role seriously.